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Pat Moore Foundation Reviews and Testimonials

One of the many wonderful facets of my life allows me to work with the great people at Pat Moore Foundation.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see the alcohol and drug treatment facility flourish and truly come into its own. It’s been hard work but they are receiving notoriety and great press. From time to time they receive great Pat Moore Foundation reviews and testimonials. They come from people in recovery or even people who have loved ones who have gone through this treatment facility.

I have to admit it always warms my heart when I read a Pat Moore Foundation review that comes from a parent or an addict and an adult child of an alcoholic. The testimonials are always life affirming, and quite honestly they gush with enthusiasm, as no other treatment has worked for their loved one.  As an adult child of an alcoholic (ACOA), a recovering alcoholic, and a spouse to one, I feel these letters touch me the most. I know what I went through personally and I share my struggle (and continued struggles) openly in a forum over at Pat Moore Foundation. 

If you’ve already taken the time to click on the link for Pat Moore Foundation reviews that’s great, but if you haven’t you should. Because it’s an anonymous program sometimes people send in letters or email comments and they can’t post them for that specific reason. Also, if you want additional reviews, check out their Facebook page!  

Thanks for reading!