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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Advice – Helping Others

I have to tell you that one of the best parts of the sober community is giving back and being able to help others when they need it. Well, at least for me. It gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction knowing that someone has asked me for help and I was able to point them in the right direction. From time to time here on Ask Recovery Rob people will email me directly and need drug and alcohol addiction advice. Be it what the side effects are of a specific drug, help for a loved or help for themselves, I’ve been able offer addiction advice, people will follow it and they’ll get the help they need. Or, at least they get on the right track after.

What they do after following my addiction advice is up to them.

Just this past weekend, a person contacted me for help. This person, who shall remain gender and nameless for the sake of anonymity, seemed to have woken from a black out of sorts and realized while on a “Bender” they did something that changed their whole life. I think for some, once waking to this realization, would have continued further into the addiction, but his incredibly brave person reached out for help instead, and made the choice to change his/her life.

There are consequences to the decision made, but the most important part here is that the person has NOW taken responsibility and choosing to walk this life path sober.

I was able to make calls and send emails and everyone stepped in to help this person. This morning I received an email stating my new friend has checked in and the recovery process can begin.

I have a great amount of joy in my heart!

Recovery Rob