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Jagged Little Edges Book Review

Jagged Little EdgesIn June of this year I was contacted to write a review for Jagged Little Edges, a fictional novel about a young woman’s struggles with addiction. Typically, I wouldn’t have reviewed the novel for my Ask Recovery Rob website because I try to stay within the non-fiction realm when writing a review for my addiction advice website. However, I like fiction and the author, Lorelie Rozzano, offered a free, soft-cover book. I couldn’t resist. By the way, I receive a number of offers a year but most of them are for e-book or simply a manuscript. I decline these at this point because a) I don’t have an e-reader, b) I don’t want a pile of papers on my desk, and c) I also don’t care to use my computer in bed at night to read at all. Continue reading

People in Recovery Get People in Recovery

Truth“My serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations.”

This is such a powerful statement, which is found in the Big Book, Acceptance is the Answer. It depends on which edition of the Big Book you have to find the page, so give a look at the chapter and you tell ME what page is it on, okay?

My sober life is amazing. Well, at least I feel that way today. Tomorrow might be a tough day, but today will be a good one because I want it to be. I have the opportunity to share my story, share my crazy thoughts, share my struggles, and most importantly share my solutions. Continue reading