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Addiction Advice | Using Your Sober Tools

There are no promises of happiness in sobriety.

What we are offered in Alcoholics Anonymous are the tools to make ourselves happy, and these tools are manual. You’ll need to sort of work as an apprentice and be guided along by someone who has much more experience. In AA that’s called the Sponsor/Sponsee relationship. Just remember that you have to want sobriety and you have to want happiness.

Earlier I wrote a post about coping with depression in anxiety. This is a perfect example of how to use the tools. Here’s a snippet to get you started.

Coping with Depression

And here is where you can find the full post!


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Addiction Advice | Learning How to Enjoy Good News

RecoveryRob3Even after 21 years of sobriety (August 23, 1992) I continue to struggle when good news comes my way. For those in the know, I’ve been offering addiction advice since before I got clean and sober. I worked in an alcohol and drug detox and rehab in Somerville, Massachusetts in 1990-91, and have been doing similar work since then (Drug and Violence Prevention for the Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs), but online for about 5 years with Pat Moore Foundation in 2008, and here at Ask Recovery Rob in late 2011. Continue reading