Addiction Advice

Facing your addiction, whether it is drugs, alcohol, or even a combination of both, takes a great deal of strength, determination, and courage. You need help. It doesn’t matter how fully entrenched you are in your addiction, how powerless you feel, there is hope and there is addiction advice available to you.

My addiction advice to you from the start is that recovery is a process, and you can overcome your addiction my finding ways to deal with it. It is important to understand you should never give up, even if you’ve tried to stop drinking or using drugs and have relapsed. Each time you stop using, asking for addiction advice, you’ll find it gets easier.

You don’t need to hit ‘rock bottom’ each time you relapse in order to ‘get the message.’ Many addicts have other issues that led them to drink – environmental situations, such as physical or sexual abuse, neglect, and even growing up with addicts. An important part to remember here is that you do not have to follow the destructive path laid out for you. You can make the change.

You just need to ask for help.

Alcohol Addiction Advice: Consuming alcohol on a regular basis in order to feel good or to avoid feeling bad could lead to alcohol abuse and possibly even alcoholism. Both alcoholism and alcohol abuse can sneak up on you, and it is important to know the warning signs of each – alcohol abuse does not always become alcoholism. There are certain factors, some environmental and some genetic, that determine this path. Click here for more.