Alcohol Addiction Advice: Denial

If I am in denial, when do I know when my drinking a problem?

Great question for our Alcohol Addiction Advice Section!

As most of us know already, the word denial is the refusal to admit the truth or the reality of the situation, but I think when it comes to alcohol abuse and addiction it means, “refusal to acknowledge there could possibly be an issue.” For me, the main difference is that you don’t have to admit you’re an addict or that you have abuse issues. It is just about living in the possibility of it, to take a long look at your behaviors, and then make a decision.

In fact, denial can be one of your biggest obstacles to getting the help you need. Your passions and desires to drink alcohol might be so strong that you can’t see what’s actually happening when you do drink. You might not be able to see the big picture of the end result. Well, besides the dreaded hangover in the mornings. You could even rationalize why you drink, like, “I work really hard,” “my life is very difficult,” “people don’t understand me.” The list can be endless.

When one excuses of rationalizes their drinking in ways like this it keeps them from looking honestly at that behavior and its negative effects. Here are some other ways people deny having a drinking problem:

  • Blame others for your drinking problems.
  • Make light of the consequences of your drinking.
  • Underestimate exactly how much you drink.

This is what I always say, “If you’ve no problem with alcohol then you‘d have no reason to cover up how much you drink and what happens when you do.”

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