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People in Recovery Get People in Recovery

Truth“My serenity is inversely proportional to my expectations.”

This is such a powerful statement, which is found in the Big Book, Acceptance is the Answer. It depends on which edition of the Big Book you have to find the page, so give a look at the chapter and you tell ME what page is it on, okay?

My sober life is amazing. Well, at least I feel that way today. Tomorrow might be a tough day, but today will be a good one because I want it to be. I have the opportunity to share my story, share my crazy thoughts, share my struggles, and most importantly share my solutions. Continue reading

Book Review | Dig Deep In One Place

Last week I received a wonderful email regarding the book “Dig Deep in One Place: A Couple’s Journey to a Spiritual Life.” It’s a book written by Bill and Sandy Fifield who have both overcome addiction and are now passionate writers, speakers and artists. Bill and Sandy write wonderful, honest and encouraging articles on the struggles of overcoming addiction and healing the mind and body and would love to share their latest article with my readers. 

So, here goes!  Continue reading

Drug Addiction Advice | Holding On To Hope After Drug Detox

RecoveryRob3Holding on to hope during an opioid drug detox recovery can be a struggle. Most of us have tried to stop cold-turkey but the withdrawal pains were so difficult we reverted back to the opioids just to find some physical relief. It’s understandable, but the good news, if you’d like some drug addiction advice, is that the physical aspects of opioid dependency improve after a supervised medical detox. The ‘struggle’ then becomes more about PAWS, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, which psychological addiction, cravings, and temptations that can last for years, and in some cases PAWS can last a lifetime. Continue reading

Complacency and Slips

as_bill_sees_itMy favorite meeting of the week is Tuesday – Tuesdays mornings to be exact. The meeting surrounds the gem of a book, “As Bill Sees It.” What I like best about this book and the meeting is that it’s a bit of a forced topic. I often like that. I tend to ramble, so direction is still necessary. Anyhow, the meeting was about page 99 in “As Bill Sees It” and the page is entitled

“The “Slipper” Needs Understanding.” Continue reading

Addiction Advice – Not Every Road To Recovery is the Same

Addiction Advice“There are no coincidences in life.” I think I might have learned this in my first few years in Alcoholics Anonymous before I took some time away from it. I also think it is one facet of spiritual recovery they told me about. Most of you know, if you’ve been following me here on Ask Recovery Rob or over at Pat Moore Foundation, that I offer addiction advice…not a true and tried method of anything. Although I’ve been sober since 1992 I didn’t always hang out at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and I don’t toot that specific horn on everything. But, what I do love is their sense of community, their sense of structure, their sense of life. Continue reading

Relapse: LAPSE Movie Review

relapseI honestly believe there are no coincidences in life. I’ve been recently going through a number of problems; most of these new to me even after 20 years of sobriety. Addiction is an insidious disease, it works, worms, and manifests in the strangest and most destructive ways. To be honest, and I guess sobriety pulls this out of me, is that I was most likely heading in the direction of a relapse. Thankfully, by some divine intervention, the director of LAPSE somehow found me. Mr. Salerno, the writer/director asked if I’d review his film. Honored to be asked, I did so, and here’s my short film review. Continue reading

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Advice – Helping Others

I have to tell you that one of the best parts of the sober community is giving back and being able to help others when they need it. Well, at least for me. It gives me an incredible amount of satisfaction knowing that someone has asked me for help and I was able to point them in the right direction. From time to time here on Ask Recovery Rob people will email me directly and need drug and alcohol addiction advice. Be it what the side effects are of a specific drug, help for a loved or help for themselves, I’ve been able offer addiction advice, people will follow it and they’ll get the help they need. Or, at least they get on the right track after.

What they do after following my addiction advice is up to them.

Just this past weekend, a person contacted me for help. This person, who shall remain gender and nameless for the sake of anonymity, seemed to have woken from a black out of sorts and realized while on a “Bender” they did something that changed their whole life. I think for some, once waking to this realization, would have continued further into the addiction, but his incredibly brave person reached out for help instead, and made the choice to change his/her life.

There are consequences to the decision made, but the most important part here is that the person has NOW taken responsibility and choosing to walk this life path sober.

I was able to make calls and send emails and everyone stepped in to help this person. This morning I received an email stating my new friend has checked in and the recovery process can begin.

I have a great amount of joy in my heart!

Recovery Rob