Sober Tips Beyond Ninety Days

So now you’ve made it to Day 90 of Sobriety. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment. Truly, three full months of sobriety is nothing to shake a stick at. For me, I never thought the day would get there when I could get up and take my 90 Day Sobriety Chip, but I followed the Sober Tips of some great people in and out of the twelve step program and I made it.

As I like to say, now you need to get to the next day. Sure, it’s pretty much just like the days in the past, but if you’ve been hitting meetings each day, some of us mostly nights, you might be itching to skip a meeting and find some other fun thing to do. There are plenty of sober activities to enjoy, so take those one day at a time as well.

Sometimes staying sober is not an easy thing, it’s challenging at best. Your new routine is probably going to get disrupted, which might cause your stress level to increase. It might not, but just be aware it could happen. Identify the emotion when and if arrives.

Here are some other great Sober Tips!

    1. Get a Sponsor

: If you haven’t done so already, seek out someone you think talks and walks a good sobriety; someone who has more than a year is usually good. Part of the 12-Step program is to give back to it, so being a sponsor to a relative new-comer is a useful tool for them to stay sober. You won’t be bothering them.

  1. Work the 12-Steps: Yes, they can feel daunting and invasive, but take your time because there isn’t a rush to get through them. You might have already started, and some people suggest you do a step a month. If that works, then do it, but personally I think you might set yourself up for failure. By taking your time you’ll find other bits and pieces to remember.
  2. Find Your Spirituality: Look, don’t freak out on this one. Many of us come to the doors of AA wondering why ‘God has forsaken us.’ The truth is ‘God’ as you understand him really has nothing to do with your addiction. For me, I found my spirituality in the people around me in the AA program. I tapped into the fact we are all there for one main purpose: To Stay Sober.
  3. Find Regular Meetings and Friends: Again, this program works by you going to meetings. You don’t need to hit a meeting every day, but hopefully in the first 90 days you might have found some friends and a comfortable meeting where you can be yourself; where others are also invested in seeing you sober. Feel free to branch out to new meetings too.
  4. Begin Reaching Out: There is never a shortage of people needing assistance, and often times the AA meetings you go to will need help from time to time. Try showing up early and helping set up chairs. Let others know you are willing to help. Don’t take over and control how the chairs should be set up! Just ease into it and help them set the chairs wherever they say to do so.

Add these tips to One Day at Time, Live in the Day, Find Commonality in my “Sober Tips for All Ages” blog posted earlier this week.

If you’re having trouble, or you just have some questions, please feel free to send a note via comments here.


Recovery Rob

4 thoughts on “Sober Tips Beyond Ninety Days

  1. addiction advice

    I have been lucky enough to avoid addictions in my own life but having grown up with someone who has a drinking problem I know how devastating it can be.
    He has tried to stop drinking do so many times but he always tries to do it alone when he can’t stand it anymore. I have suggested that he joins a help group or looks for some professional addiction advice but for some reason he turns away from this solution
    I guess the old saying is right and that the person with the addiction needs to listen to their friends and make the first move willingly. You simply can’t force anyone to give up someone without them asking an effort.

    1. Meyriellen

      Self esteem is a caciurl component of recovery. Many addicts began using substances because they believed that they could never fit in with their peers, or felt unloved or rejected by family members. The 12 Steps of AA offer a blueprint for improved self-esteem; helping us identify and acknowledge our character defects and trust in a higher power to empower us to become the people that we want to be. Therapy is also helpful as we explore how these character defects have functioned as defense mechanisms against pain that we don’t know how to handle. Gatehouse Academy is a unique long term program which offers a year to live the 12 Steps with therapeutic support. This coupled with daily opportunities to succeed at life can form the basis of a healthy and sober self-esteem.

      1. Recovery Rob Post author


        Excellent advice! The 12 Steps are one of the best blueprints toward a sober and great way of life.


    2. Recovery Rob Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment. Not sure how this was missed, and I apologize for that happening!

      Yes, you cannot force someone. You can point them in the direction, make recommendations and even consider pulling away completely if they don’t get the help they need, but ultimately, it all comes down to their choice!


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