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Sober Tips for All Ages

If you’ve come to my new site by accident, or maybe you’ve been following my sober blog over at Pat Moore Foundation, the fact is is that you are here. And for that, I am grateful. Yes, I am grateful my words can possibly affect people in a positive way. Although some may not agree with what I say, I can tell you that these sober tips have worked for me. I find them the easiest to live by in my daily life. I’ve taken the time to break them into three parts, which I will post separately. They are set up like this: One, for beginners in the first 90 days; Two, for semi-beginners from 91-365 days; and Three, for sober people who are more than a year. The reason I’ve done this is because we all face different challenges along the way and with those challenges come responsibilities to yourself and to others around you. Here they are: Continue reading