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Addiction Advice | Using Your Sober Tools

There are no promises of happiness in sobriety.

What we are offered in Alcoholics Anonymous are the tools to make ourselves happy, and these tools are manual. You’ll need to sort of work as an apprentice and be guided along by someone who has much more experience. In AA that’s called the Sponsor/Sponsee relationship. Just remember that you have to want sobriety and you have to want happiness.

Earlier I wrote a post about coping with depression in anxiety. This is a perfect example of how to use the tools. Here’s a snippet to get you started.

Coping with Depression


And here is where you can find the full post!


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Please feel free to engage in conversation, or just ask questions. I’ve been clean and sober since August 23, 1992 and chances are I’ve either lived it, heard about it, and can point you in the right direction for the help you need. I’m not a medical doctor, but then again how many of us in AA or NA actually are, right? We all give advice freely when asked, as it’s part of giving back to a program that has given us so much.

I also blog at Pat Moore Foundation, an alcohol and drug detox and treatment center located in Costa Mesa, California. Although I didn’t go to Pat Moore Foundation, I found them through various channels. They are wonderful and I couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people.

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